My experiments


Okay so the first picture is the red cabbage and water in the blender this stage took quite a long time because I couldn’t put the blender in the right way and well blending takes a bit of time. The second picture is the results and the third picture is when I put vinegar into the solution and as you see it turned red because the red cabbage has a chemical in it which acts as a indicator so when a acid such as vinegar goes in it turns red but if a base like soap goes in it turns blue. So the instructions for this experiment are:

1. Gather these ingredents:

Cups             Vinegar             Water

A blender   Baking soda    And a spoon

Soap             Red cabbage

2. Blend the red cabbage and water toghether.

3. Pour the results out in 4 or more cups if you can find lot’s of bases and acids.

4. Put the acids or bases into each cup.

5. Watch the reactions.

6. The most horrible part cleaning up!

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