About Heidi


so for my homework, I decided to put some information about Heidi on the blog.

Heidi Wright is currently appearing on hit TV shows in Japan and Korea.  Heidi  has also appeared on TV in America, on “L.A. Ink” with Kat Von D and the Dr. Phil show.

Heidi is a co-author of the best selling book ‘Empowered…Wake Up and Live the Life You Love’ (2009).   Her first book in Japan was published in November 2009 titled ‘Animal Communicator Heidi’ and went up to #3 on the best seller list on Amazon Japan!    She is featured in the book, ‘The Language of Miracles’.

Heidi’s first career was in law enforcement as an Officer for the California Highway Patrol.  Her high standards, ethics, and compassion have clients returning year after year.

This information is from: http://www.critterconnections.net/

Also I researched aout her on naver: http://www.naver.com/

She is not famous because she is a really a kind of person who slips under the raider and do not show off. Heidi doesn’t like to be famous. She started  animal communicating because she really liked animals.

On this show called animal farm, she found out everything about animals in Korea. Pets, zoo animals etc. Thanks to her, all of the problems were solved.


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