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Bookweek February 27 to March 2 2012

Bookmark Competition

It’s back! This year we’ve decided to bring back the Bookmark Competition and are challenging Elementary and Secondary students to design bookmarks based on our theme: “Books Can Blow Your Mind”. The idea is that some books can be just Explosive! They keep you turning the pages and wondering what will happen next. They’re full of action, adventure, thrills and chills! Can you design a bookmark which suits this theme? We will be accepting submissions until Wednesday, February 29th, and will announce six winners: 3 in Elementary, and 3 in Secondary. The winning bookmarks will be specially printed and will be made available in the library for anyone to use to mark their place in their next mind-blowing book!

Flikr photo by Enokson

The rules for the competition are as follows. All bookmarks must:

· Be drawn by hand or designed on a computer, using the bookmark template provided
· Include the words “Book Week 2012”

· Contain a message about reading

· Be related to the theme (in words and images)

· Not contain any copyrighted artwork (e.g. you can use CC images, as long as you say where they’re from)

· Use all the space on the bookmark template (no empty/white space)

To start, see the librarians for a printed Bookmark Template, or download one from here: Bookmark Template

                                                      Bookmark 4.jpg                                   Bookmark 1.jpg

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