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A creative way to use an I pad

February 5, 2012 4 comments

Hi guys….

Today, I went with my family for a dinner at a restaurant called Scoozi at Central Chidlom. They put their menu on an i pad. It’s so cool I think that every restaurant in Bangkok should have this it’s also good for the trees because we don’t have to cut them down to make the menu.


Finger, Finger, oh.. what should i do??

February 5, 2012 15 comments

Let me tell you a little story of what happened yesterday (4th of February,Saturday).

So yesterday we had a soccer BISAC tournament, and i was a main goalie for the girl A team. I was doing a great job by saving all the balls, suddenly my parents came to watch me and i was so excited to see them. They got to see me catch the balls a couple of times but a couple of times later, my A team got a hand ball and had to take a shot to the goal.

Luckily i saved the ball when the shot the ball but i hurt my finger, so i shook my hand just to see if the pain will go away, and about to kick it i started crying because my finger was sprained! i went of the game and Ms.Jill helped me with a ice cube on the way to the nurse. The nurse left the ice cube on my fingers for minutes and it was very painful.

I sprained my finger next to the middle finger (which is the RING finger) and my pinky finger.
She wrapped my finger and after that, a girl that i know, mum called Lily came and she’s a doctor and a friend of my mum. She said “Well, good thing its not broken! It’s just very badly sprained.” Soon, my mum came over to me and said that i can play football for the last couple of games. 🙂


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