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Year 6 Curriculum Letter

Wednesday, 25 January, 2012

Dear Parents of Year 6 students,

We are just starting “How we express ourselves”. This is a great unit as it offers the students a wide variety of ways to develop their ability to express themselves. In specialist subjects like Art, Music and PE the students will explore self-expression through visual arts, music and movement. We will also be spending a lot of time with Mr. Tony Abbey, the Drama teacher. In homerooms, the students will be exploring the expressive aspects of language: writing, speaking and presenting.

The unit will be very “experience-based” which means that we will expose the students to many experiences that inspire them to express themselves. We will begin the unit by looking at one of the most inspirational experiences of the year – the Camp! Then, each class will have some of the following experiences:

  • Walks around the NIST neighbourhood
  • Visits to museums and galleries
  • Exploring parts of Bangkok
  • Food tasting and exposure to different cultures
  • Attendance at NIST events
  • Experiences involving the senses
  • Any other ideas the students and teachers come up with!

Unit of Inquiry: How we express ourselves

Central idea: “Creative expression involves inspiration, limitation and reaction.”

Key Concepts: Perspective, Reflection, Connection

Related Concepts: Creativity,

Lines of Inquiry:

· reactions (ours and other people’s) to experiences, stimuli and creative expression

· what inspires us and how

· why we express ourselves creatively

· the limitations that influence creative expression

The conversations that you have at home always lead to a greater understanding of the concepts and issues that the students look at in school. Some things you could do in order to play an active role in this unit of inquiry are: discuss creativity and share examples of times in your life when you were creative; talk about inspiration and the creative expressions that have inspired you, discuss visit art galleries or other cultural events and watch TV shows that are relevant to the central idea. We are also keen to hear from parents who might be willing to share their creative expression with the whole of Year 6. We really appreciate your input!

Yours sincerely,

The Year 6 Teaching Team

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