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My cat Tabs

January 16, 2012 17 comments

Hey Guys

Many people know that this is my cat………….

Well I just took a picture of Tabs trying to get Senor (the coconut)

This is Tabs

She is playing with cash register slip.


This is another picture of Tabs

Doing facebook!!??


So this is the picture of her trying to get Senor



Got him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
































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Homework – what is creativity?

January 16, 2012 48 comments

The central idea of our current unit of inquiry is “creative expression is a process of inspiration, limitation and reaction.” But what does that first word mean? What does it mean to be creative? What does creativity mean?

Discuss these questions with someone at home and then make a comment to share your thinking with us. Check the posting a bit later on again to see if you need to reply to anybody to make the conversation come alive.

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