Those cool Year 12 students!

As you know, it was great to get the Y12 students into our classroom. I think they enjoyed it just as much as you!

What else could we learn from students like this?

How else could they help you?

How could you help them?

  1. December 16, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Hi everyone!

    I could learn more from these students about how the villagers actually feel about the flood. I know that they’re telling the truth because they have actually been to the floods and they actually talked to the villagers and saw the places which have been destroyed with their own eyes.

    They helped me a lot in the question spiders. I had a lot of question which perspective is needed. I couldn’t speak Thai and I had no time to go to the villages. I thought I couldn’t answer the questions until the secondary’s came to our class. I knew that I was saved by them.

    I could help them by listening carefuly to them and not to interupt them and to use their facts about the flood in the mini exhibition. I could also help them by using RASA so I don’t need to keep saying pardon me or could you repeat that again.

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