Year 6 Curriculum Newsletter 3

Tuesday, 22 November, 2011

Dear Parents of Year 6 students,

Since returning from our break the Year 6 students have begun inquiring into their next unit. Since our current unit is about the way humans share the planet we have found it particularly pertinent to use the current flooding situation in Thailand as the vehicle for inquiring into our broader theme.

As you know we greatly value parents taking the time to discuss educational and current event issues and with their children. Our current unit really lends itself to some great discussions – please feel free to engage your child in discussions about issues related to the flooding situation and what this means for your family and Thailand as a country. Please see the details below:

UNIT OF INQUIRY:  Sharing the Planet

Central idea: Understanding the ‘big picture’ empowers us to live with the future in mind.

Key Concepts: Causation, Change, Connection, Perspective

Related Concepts: Consequences, Impact, Interdependence, Truth

Lines of Inquiry:

Our collective knowledge, emotions and experiences about the flooding in Thailand

  • Aspects of issues arising from recent events in Thailand
  • Applying the lessons we’ve learned to the future

Things you may wish to discuss with your child may include:

  • How you and your family have been affected by the flooding in Thailand
  • The different strategies and sources from which you and your family have been receiving information about the flooding and the reliability of those sources
  • What plans you and your family may be establishing for any potentially similar events in the future

In this unit students will be inquiring into many different things including analytical and thinking skills; research skills and how to better develop personal inquiries; determining the difference between perceived truths and actual truths about varying events; different perspectives in and between communities/community members and using current experiences or events for futures planning.

Each class will continue running its own Language Arts program, but you will find common elements amongst the classes as they develop skills in reading, writing, speaking & listening and viewing and presenting. Students in all classes will be investigating how language is organised and similarities and differences between different written and literary styles. There will be a particular emphasis on non-fiction and persuasive forms of writing.

In Mathematics the students will be involved in a range of integrated activities related to mental calculation; place value and larger numbers; decimal fractions; pattern and function; algebraic reasoning; data collection; classification of shapes; and problem solving skills.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards,


The Year 6 Team






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