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Whole Bangkok At Risk Of Flooding After Opening Of Key Sluice Gate – Thailand Forum

November 2, 2011 9 comments

Read this article slowly and carefully, taking notes of the most interesting and important information. You can also get an adult to sit and read it with you. Then make a comment to tell us what you think:

  • Did you know that this kind of thing is happening?
  • Why did the people get this gate opened?
  • Why do you think the government did not want the gate to be opened?
  • See if you can use the key words in the article, such as Klong Sam Wa, watergate, Sam Wa Canal, Saen Saeb Canal, to see if you can find any more information or images of the people taking action.

Then, perhaps you could put something together such as your own news report, a role-play pretending to be people with different perspectives, a slideshow of powerful images, a poster with a powerful quote.




Atumn in Berlin

November 2, 2011 7 comments

Right now I am in Berlin and it is really cold there and we went for a long walk wednesday morning that was 1 and a half hours long and I was happy to have such a thick jacket and still some winter clothes that still fit me. The trees in Berlin look wonderful in yellow, gold and red.  I haven’t seen autumn since four and a half years! I am in Berlin because I was invited to the wrong press conference because the same actress was in the movie and it turned out to be that Ale Wallis, also from NIST to be the one supposed to go there! I am going to download pictures when I can because my sister is in the room and I am in the lobby and the computer is harder to work on for me. The movie of Ale goes like this: She is a girl that has gotten kidnapped and put in a forest. A police cheif has found her and asked a phycologist to take care of her, the girl is really scared and doesn’t talk. She attacked the doctor because she put away the knife and the girl was scared of the knife. The doctor develops trust with the girl and teaches her to talk a little. They find scars on the girls wrists and ankles, they try to find out who did that to the girl and suspect the dad but he argues and says that a guy in a car and after that they had disappeared so they went for a hike to find out what happened with the girl and the girls dog and find a little hut where there are ropes and and pans and empty bottles of beer and discover that the dog must have freed the girl and they the girl lets the dog free from where he came from and then only the girl leads them to a place where there is the mothers grave and the actual dad that is suspected of having kidnapped them starts crying and they are unsure if he really did kidnap them and when they drive back to Chanburi they find the real kidnapper that somehow went down the hill and looked like it had been on fire and found the driver of the car dead, they found a note that said that he kidnapped them and if he paid 1000 dollars he would give them back so it was prove that it wasn’t the dad that kidnapped them.  When they came back the dad wanted to take back the girl but the girl didn’t want to go until the doctor said she had to.  When they were in the car about to go to the dad’s home the girl tried getting out of the car and had a big fight with the dad. There was someone else driving the car. (Ale told me that this was the hardest scene to play) The dad drove back to where the doctor lived and there was a happy reunoin and the dad was happy for them too and he thought he made the right decision. (Ale couldn’t laugh at the scene so they had to tickle her so she would laugh)

The End for the movie.

The movie I am in is about a family that moves to thailand and then a thai lady tries to have an affair with the dad and the company wants to get rid of the dad and the boss of the dad tries to have an affair with the mom and then the mom gets the wrong idea and wants to fly away while I fall in love with boy in my school and I tell my dad about it and then we get the mom to stay in thailand( that is the hardest scene for me because I ahve to remember a whole long paragraph) and then we stay in thailand and I just talk to the boy in the scene.

The end fpr the movie.



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Click on”Evacuation to pattaya” to watch my Powerpoint.

Hope you like it

Evacuation to Pattaya



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What do you think of this?

November 2, 2011 22 comments

What do you think of this quote? Explain your thinking in a comment.

In the news…

November 2, 2011 12 comments

This news report is from two weeks ago.

  • What are the main messages in the report?
  • What has happened since?
  • What have you seen?
  • What are the adults around you saying about the flooding?