Hi Everyone,

I was reading the news when I found an article about the most expensive marble. I realized Marbles are science (how they’re made and etc.) so I would like to share some information about marbles with everyone. Another thing I also realized is that we don’t play with things such as marbles (Well, most of us don’t). We’re too obssesed with playing things such as PSPs and Wii but kids our age a hundred years ago, played with marbles like how we play with computer games.

Here are a few links on some articles about marbles:

Here’s an article about marbles and their collectors price:

Here’s an article about marbles:

Here’s some Youtube Videos explaining about Marbles:

This video is about how marbles are made.

This is a Howcast video on how to play marbles. Actually, it’s one of the many ways you can play marbles.


  1. Cindy-Caitie's mom
    October 17, 2011 at 7:10 am

    Hi Andrea,

    My generation played marbles! We collected and traded them and at recess we ‘fought’ in marble tournaments. Sometimes the boys’ tournaments broke out into actual fights and then marbles were banned from school. Slowly we would sneak them back in again and the tournaments would continue until things got out of hand again.
    Thanks for posting, it brings my mind back to ‘the good old days’……which were less than 100 years ago 🙂


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