Your “Significant Things”

I have challenged you to do 5 Significant Things with your work from the PYP Exhibition:

How is it going? What Significant Things have you achieved so far? What Significant Things are you working on at the moment? How do you know these things are actually significant?

  1. Am
    April 25, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    I am currently working on one of my significant things, and as soon as possible, starting my second. My first one is editing my book, make it great, contact the publishing shop, plan a time, get it published, have the people come to the book signing if they want to also pick up their books, and deliver the books to the people. That whole process will probably count as one significant thing. I am getting my books tomorrow afterschool.
    My second one is setting up a book signing itself. I would have to plan it out, communicate with Ms Jen about the venue-to do it in the library, of another suitable place, plan for how it’s going to look like, set it up, and do it.
    For my first thing, it is going pretty smooth and clean and I think that it will be alright. I know that it’s a significant thing because I have asked Mr Sam about it, and also this process takes a while. It is not easy to achieve, and I get the tired feeling every day of doing all this busy work and it would take a real block of time to achieve it correctly.
    For my second thing, I am just planning it myself first, then go take action. I am not really doing it at the moment so I don’t know to exactly describe it. However, I know that it is a significant thing because like the one above, the process takes quite a while. To get it really attractive and going correctly can also be difficult.

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