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Checking in with the David Hicks’ Questions

Today, you had discussions with a partner using the David Hicks’ questions. This will really, really help you have conversations with parents and other visitors. Now, to help you even more, I would like you to write your answers to the David Hicks’ questions for homework.

So, spend some time really thinking about your answers… maybe type them up in Word first, and then paste them into comments on this posting. Here are the questions:


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  1. 18saeyeono
    March 24, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    My issue is the water wasting problem at NIST because I realy get angry and sad when people waste water and I am conerned if we will run out of water.
    The history of the issue is that we used 41,000L perday and now we uses 91,400L perday and it got up to 50% OR more.Also because I think we have more water fountains and too many students.
    I think nobody gains and every on losses because we are responsible for water to save it to continue our human race.
    I think the vison is to use lesser water in NIST so that my goal could be: Getting lesser usen water in NIST or make a filter that can make rain into freash water.
    It can be done by making posters up and make a speech. I will do it by creating some more information and organizing it and then think about what am I gona do.

    March 24, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    1. What is the issue?
    My issue is ‘The connection between health and happiness’
    2. How has it come about?
    Well, my first issue wasn’t the same as ‘The connection between health and happiness’. It was ‘some people are unhappy by bullied of teased’. But I wanted to know that how happiness is connected to science.Since than, I ‘m working at ‘The connection between health and happiness’.
    3. Who ganes, who loses?
    All people have a chance to gane happy and healthy. But if they’re not happy and being negative, they won’t have a chance to gane. Instead, they loses.
    4. What is our vision?
    I think my vision is to make people happy & healthy. Espcially, I want to make people being positive and trust themselves they’re happy and healthy.
    5. What can be done?
    I think for my vision comes true, I’ll have to encourage them like don’t be unhappy or I can show them an example.
    6.How will we do it?
    I’ll tell the people who are being unhappy or living unhealthy by showing some examples like ‘If we are unhappy/unhealthy,we cannot be…’ or show them how bad is living negative/unhealthy.

  3. Pimboon
    March 24, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    My issue is Traffic and Pollution in NIST. I chose to do this topic because I think that there are many people in NIST using cars when its not nessecary for them. When they use cars they oftenly it makes people whose house is far come to school late and not have the opportunities to learn as much as possible. People who carpool are set as a good example. When people walk- they have to breathe in the bad air which basically makes them unhealthy. Its been like this because people arent thinking and they are the roots of the trouble. They use cars when its not nessecary and cause more traffic, until nowadays which is like traffic trantrum. I think we lose- because we have to pay money for the petrol- and when you are stuck in traffic you burn up a lot more petrol which makes you to go and fill it more oftenly. We also lose- because we breathe in our own polluted air which makes us unhealthy and might lead us to death. The world loses. Petrol people gain- because they get a lot of our money. Car seller people gain- because they sell a lot more cars when we buy them to cause traffic. My vision is that people use too many cars when its not nessecary- and I would like to change it by minimizing the cars by telling some people to not use cars if they live near and tell them the reason why- and I hope they would think twice and change their mind. The solution might be that people could use MRT and BTS instead of cars- if they live near one. They could also come by a school bus if the Montri bus comes on the way to your house. You could carpool- of pick up people along the way- if theres anyone near you. You could also come by motorcycle, bicycle of walk. We could just put in a little effort and each make some differences.

  4. Jin
    March 24, 2011 at 4:18 pm


  5. Pin
    March 24, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    My issue is about people spending too much time looking at a screen. I was interested about this issue because I was addicted to screens before, now I have changed myself and trying to create awareness so that people can know that it is serious and is a issue in NIST students. I don’t want to change the whole world but I just want people to reduce their time spending looking at a screen. Which is creating awareness, around the people in NIST so that they realize that nowadays people spend to much time on the computer. Paul told me today that screens are like drug and people get addicted to it really quickly, I really agree with that. I feel like I am part of the problem sometimes. My issue started when games where made (e.g. social network, chat games) which was not a problem when it first started but then people came and use it really the wrong way. Like getting addicted. Screens where made to be a tool. But we used it the wrong way, which is bad because people will think that screens are bad and may band it for some families because they are thinking not deep enough. I think that we all shouldn’t blame screens because it’s kind of our fault because we are the one who invented it and we were the one who made each other addicted. The person who gains would probably be the people who sell screens because they get the money that people buy the screen also like people who made games like example Mark Zuckerburg he will gain money because in some games in Facebook you have to buy credits to buy stuff in the game, you need to use your credit card which all the money would go to Mark Zuckerburg. The person who loses would probably be us because we are always looking at a screen 24 hours which makes our health worse which then we will have to go to- buy glasses, Check up with doctors etc. This will waste money to. Also we lose because we will have to pay our money to whatever game that you have to buy credit from. Our friends and family also lose because if you spend too much time looking at a screen then they would feel left out like the screen is your new friend or family member. My vision is for people to reduce their time looking at a screen, because it is turning into a huge problem. I would say that mostly people kind of get addicted by schools. I’m not blaming schools but schools give too much homework using a screen which makes people open new games and get addicted to it. The things that can be done is for people to realize that they are destroying their life in the future. Right now people are comfortable but maybe in the next 10 years they’ll have all kind of diseases because they won’t take care of themselves when they are still young. This is why I would like to create awareness around people so that they can go and think if they are spending so much time looking at a screen then they might reduce it. I would do it by creating awareness by showing them the effect that THEY will get if they keep on living like this. Just like Mr. Sam said that people are scared to change. I would explain to them the dangers that they will get so that they can be shocked and won’t be scared to change. I think that we should be really aware of this issue because maybe in the next 10-20 years people will make new type of screens and people will waste their life in front of it. I don’t want that to happen so that is why I did this issue. I was part of the problem but now I want change and I’m not scared to change. So I think that people should also change. Like I said screens are really positive but we are making it worse (we are making it negative) It was build for our comfort now but not in the future.
    🙂 😀 😛

  6. Jin
    March 24, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Sorry for that

    My issue is bullying and the effects that the students has to suffer when they get bullied. I don’t know if bullying is bad in Y6 because my mom says that people in Y6 are quite nice, but I am not really sure if that is true. I have seen some bullying in Y6 but it’s not all hitting and things like that. It’s all like calling names and leaving someone out in games. I think that this issue is pretty serious in every year because bullying can affect the mental health of a child and it may lead the person to suicide if it’s really serious like hitting and ripping books. I feel that I don’t get really bullied but some new students get quite bullied. But also they don’t get hit but called names and blamed. I hope that this issue can be solved at nist by Me and Michael finding out who the bullies are and showing them some clips that we got from interviewing people. I fear that if we don’t show them serious clips the bullies won’t stop and keep picking on kids so much that there may be some suicidal actions at NIST.

    I think that this issue happened first in the old kids. Like Secondaries. The oters also think that this is a very serious issue. Some people are involved quite often in this issue.

    Because I need to go home and I am writing in the library, I’ll finish the rest at home 😥

  7. March 24, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    My issue is ‘Make the Most of your Opportunities to Learn’. I chose this topic because I see some people not making the most of there opportunities so I should do that for my exhibition. Who gains is the child because his/her learning so hard. For the loses is the parents because they are spending lots of money in this international school. My hope for the future is that everybody is making the most of there opportunities. What can be done: Sleep at the right time not like midnight and etc. Mabye reminding our self that you need to do this and this.

  8. May
    March 24, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    My issue is “Being Yourself.” I chose this because I really want to be myself but sometimes I forget that I’m doing this to help me be myself and sometimes I copy others. I feel sad for people who aren’t being themselves because they have to pretend that other people’s idea is their own idea and they can’t be happy because they have to pretend and always have to copy others cause they’re are not confident enough. I fear that I will forget to be myself because sometimes I am not confident at all so it makes me forget but most of the time I just like other people’s idea so I copy it. I hope that I can remember to be confident and I hope that people can be themselves so they don’t have to pretend and be unhappy. I think that when people don’t be themselves because they get tease or they are not confident about their own idea. It has come about by people not being themselves because they are not confident about their idea or they get teased by others that make them loses their confident. People that be themselves gain because they don’t have to pretend that other people’s ideas are theirs and they can be happy also that people can know the real them and other’s can know what they thinking is and they might be really smart, they can make lots of friends(they are really confident). People that are not confident about their idea will lose because they don’t show their idea and they have to copy others and pretend that other people’s ideas are theirs. People that are not confident never stand up for themselves so people can tease them easily. People that are not themselves might gain sometimes because they might have a really good idea or something that no one has thought of but the only problem is that they are not being themselves. What I want to change is me being more confident about my ideas and for others are the same so they don’t have to pretend any more and they can be happy. The things that could be done are the people that are really confident sometimes they tease others that are not confident so people that like to tease others should stop, people that are not confident can be sure about their ideas and don’t have to copy others. For other people they can cheer people that are scared that their ideas are really good so they have more confidence.

  9. Ken
    March 24, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    My issue is “Water waste at NIST”. I think we act this way because we think we will never run out of water and that’s pretty much true because we have tons of sea water but we don’t really have fresh water left in this world. Last year we learned how much percentage of fresh water was left in the world and it was only 1%, so this year’s year6 should know and they should care, but I mostly see year6 leaving the tap running and washing their hands in water fountains. I thought that the school wins and the world lose but Paula said to me that “We win because we get to drink fresh water and the school loses because the water bills go higher”. I hope that everyone won’t wash their hands with drinking water. Also I want students to bring their water bottles so they can fill it up in the water fountain. I and Sae-yeon are doing a pretty good job at making people bring their water bottles to school. I don’t know if the posters worked or not because we just stuck them up. The competition is influencing student to bring and use water bottles. 

  10. Ken
    March 24, 2011 at 5:03 pm


  11. Am
    March 24, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    My issue is the action of people pushing each others’ confidence down. It can be in many forms like teasing, bullying, etc. For me when someone pushes my confidence down, I feel sad, upset, annoyed, frustrated, and weak and I have no will to do anything. I feel like I’m wrong and I can’t do anything. Then I get less and less confident so I don’t do anything the way I want to and I am not myself. From the data I have, people all get negative feelings when they are pushed down. Most of the people I interviewed think about taking revenge and think about ways to solve the issue. Most people hope that they don’t get pushed down again, and gain their confidence back. Most fear that they will never get their confidence back and people won’t stop squashing them.

    The issue for me has personally started at year 6, not year 5. After the first time people started teasing me, they wouldn’t stop, and they would do it over and over again. People feel, think, hope, fear this way because I has happened today at least once before. They reflected on it and thought about it so most answers are negative. For me, the leader of the group that teased me has the power to influence others, so his friends follow him. It affects me even more with more teasing.

    When the pusher pushes someone down, they gain. Sometimes they only gain their success of pushing others down, and sometimes they also gain a reaction which is even better. The pushed loses because they have got a negative effect on them. The counselors and people who receive the information sometimes gains too because they have the power to control the situation and take hold of it. The pusher now loses in this case, because they have chance of getting in trouble and they get a bad reputation. The number of friends may also decrease.

    My personal vision is full of positive things. There will be less people pushing others confidence down, or people are getting and becoming stronger in their feelings, actions and how to handle with issues like mine. Others will probably think the same as me, and some may not. I want my future to be positive, with very little actions of pushing my confidence down or if possible no confidence being pushed down at all. I also want to be a more strong and confident person in the future, to be powerful in myself too.

    The best option is to work it out with the cause. You can sit down and talk about the issue with people involved. Talk about the issue, how it is affecting you and what you would like them to do. Then you should talk about this issue more deeply with someone who you trust, and someone who can help you develop your mental strength. A counselor is a good choice. You should ask for some serious possible advice for your reactions, the way you speak and the way you act. You can try practicing it in small cases or false cases with someone you know to get you ready. Ignoring is great advice, but hard. The less reaction you give, the less you get pushed.

    You must organize a meeting with the people who are involved in a very respectful way. Ask them a time that they can spare, prepare for what you have to say and go for it. It may be your only chance. You have to talk very seriously and meaningfully. You may need some adult help, especially from your main teacher or a counselor to be really sure of what you are talking about. Work with people who are involved only. To see your success, wait a few days and see how it goes. If there is no change, try to talk to them and if needed set up another talk. To get some advice, also set up a time to talk about your issue. Listen to the person you are talking to really well. You may only need to talk to one person but you may need more. To be successful, try to use the advice and put it into action. See how it goes. If there is less confidence being pushed or if you feel stronger and people seem to respect you, you are successful. You may not succeed every time, but it will certainly help you overtime.

    • Julien
      March 24, 2011 at 5:48 pm

      Wow that’s a lot of writing!

    • Pin
      March 24, 2011 at 8:05 pm

      I agree with you am every thing you wrote is true 🙂

  12. 18paulah
    March 24, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    The issue is that thre is not enough Nature@NIST

    For NIST throughout the history Nature has only changed a little bit by increasing a bit.
    Though the effort has changed completely; now the effort is very high NIST used to not value this a lot but now they do very much.

    I think that students lose for not enough nature at NIST because they are the ones growing up always continuing to breathe in bad air and thinking that having no green spaces is normal.The people who gain are probably the school because their water bills won’t be so high because they would usually have to use a lot of money on water for watering plants.
    In an indirect way building companies might gain for being able to build lot’s of concrete and buildings and make money with that.

    My vision is to make a nursery on the Year 6 Deck by planting seeds there.

    Those seeds could be from:

    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Plants
    • Flowers
    • Saplings (young trees)

    Another vision is to be part of the schools long term plans by giving ideas about what they could do.

    For eg.
    • Hanging plants
    • Vines
    • Water(mini waterfall, mini pond, etc.)
    • Places to hang out
    • As less concrete as possible
    • And much more

    The thing that can be done is to actually do what I said form y vision.

    We will do this by collecting seeds and plants from people.

    And we can collect more ideas for NIST’s long term plan and then writing them down and giving it to the SMT (School Management Team)

  13. Johan
    March 24, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    My issue is “friendship issues at NIST”. The reason I chose this topic was becuase usually when me and Sebi play on the field a lot of fights starts to happen and that can also effect your own friendship with somebody else. I know that there is a lot of friendship issues going around at NIST and so those are the two main reasons why im focusing on this issue.

    This issue has come about because I don’t think that some people here at NIST don’t care about other people and other friends which can really effect people. I also think that this has come about becuase some people might be stressed and so they don’t really think about what they are doing and that can really effect others peoples behaviour and well-being.

    I think that the NIST community loses becuase if NIST have a bad reputation because there is a lot of friendship issues going on the ofcourse that will make the NIST communiuty much weaker and they probably won’t have as much people at the school. I think that sometimes maybe the counselers gain becuase if they get a lot of people in for help then if they solve the problems then she will get a lot of credits and a lot of people will know that she is really good at what she does.

    My vision is to change this issue and to get people to be aware of what can happen to you when you have friendship issue and that your well-being and health can really be damged and effected.

    For the people to really care about my issue too I really have to encourage them an shock them what some scary information. This can be done by showing them a video about my issue and also showing them a video about what can happen to you.

    I will do all this by making a video about friendship issues and letting them now how it effects people. I will also talk to them about why I chose this issue and how I am connected to it.

  14. 18jinj
    March 24, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    Still Continued from here:

    I think that the guy who gains is the bully. Because when bully hits people they really like it and they bully in places where they aren’t noticed. So it’s like they gained something cheekily and the bullied one loses quite dismally.

    The guy who loses is sometimes the bullied people and the bully. Because when the bully succeed to beat the person up, they just go somewhere immediately and the bullied one is too scared to tell his parents.

    But when the person who was bullied tell his parents or his teacher, the bully will be in big trouble and the bully won’t bully oftenly.

    My vision is that NIST won’t have any bullies and NIST will be a peaceful place. But they need to be careful as some bullies will fight back.

    What I am planning to do with Michael is that to make some interviews by gathering them up and showing them to the bullies.

    What we can do is that as bullies sometimes don’t listen to clips or interviews we just need to do something by forcing them. We shall make bullies into nice people by showing them how painful it is to be bullied and what various effects do people get. Bullies will be highly shocked and won’t do it again. We need some help from people like Mr. Simon or Mr. Doug because they have high authority and they know how to do something to it. We can measure our success by checking to see if the plan worked quite well. 😎

  15. 18julienn
    March 24, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    The issue is that people at Nist from yr. 4-8 are not drinking enough water. So it’s damaging their body and will change the way they act. I think it has come about because people are so used to growing up having to bring a water bottle to school that when they don’t have to, they won’t take it because they don’t have to. I am not talking about all the students from yr. 4-8 but for most of them. I think that in this issue, no one really gains they only lose. For example if someone doesn’t drink water, they will health issues so then they lose. But because they don’t drink enough water, no one loses. So what I want is for people to drink more water, not necessarily to bring a water bottle but at least to go have a sip of water every 5-10 minutes. I am going to achieve that by making posters and this manikin of two kid superheroes who are really good sportsman and who are really nice, I am going to have a boy and a girl. Then I am going to cut holes in their heads so whoever wants to can put their own head inside and become the two superheroes. The message is that you can become like them just by drinking enough water which is about 1.5 litters. I also want to make posters that I am going to put out around the Nist campus. Each poster will have an effect that happens to your body if you either drink or don’t drink enough water. For example one of my posters say; ‘Is your pee yellow? If it is you should go drink water!’ To make the manikin thing, I have already cut out two big pieces of MDF 3mm wood so that I can draw my superheroes on. For the posters, we just need 4000 baht so that we can order them in really poster paper and not in badly printed, badly stuck paper.

  16. michaelt
    March 24, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    My issue is bullying at NIST. I think that I fear hope and think about this issue the way I do is because I have been bullied before and others have also been bullied. Bullies bully because sometimes they want to become popular or have some entertainment. They also do it to have higher self esteem. Bullies gain and victims lose. My vision is that after the exhibition bullies know how it feels to be bullied and they wont bully anymore. The victims can try to stand up to themselves. We can teach people how to stand up to bullies.

  17. 18Aayushk
    March 24, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    My issue is – how we eat, the eating atmosphere and how long we get to eat. Atmosphere means the style we eat in. Meaning if you eat in a calm and relaxed atmosphere it will help the way you eat. I have found that we are not getting enough time to eat. If we eat quickly then we can have heath problems for example “acid reflux” which happens when you do not chew and digest your food enough. Acid reflux can cause heartburns which are very discomfortable in the chest and abdominal areas. My issue is also about chewing your food properly which is also very important.

    It started in 1995 when teachers needed to started giving time to all the years for eating. All years (k1, k2, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y7 Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, Y12, Y13) except year 4,5,6 were given more time to eat. The heads of the school at that time had to choose which years should get less time to eat. They chose years 4,5,6 because they thought early years (KI-Y3) were more important for a child’s growth and in those years children need a longer time to eat. Until now it has not changed which is very disappointing. I believe that all Years are equally important and need enough time.

    The kids who gain are the kids who want to go outside and play instead of eating, in other words they value playing more then eating by a margin so they gain because they get to play for a longer time. Also all the other kids in all the other years gain because they are getting more time to eat at lunch.
    The people who lose are the kids who like to eat calmly and slowly because they don’t get what they want as well as they are forced to waste food when teachers come up to them and say finish up the year 2 and 3’s are coming.

    My vision for the future is to get the cafeteria a little bit more relaxed and calm. I hope the children understand that eating is important and they should value eating more. I hope that the principle releases that we should be getting more time to eat like all the other years in NIST.

    Right now I and the cafeteria manager are trying to get some calm music installed in the cafeteria so that the atmosphere in the cafeteria becomes more calm and relaxed. I am also right now getting sponsored by kids and teachers so I can raise enough money to get the top ten 6ss flicker photos printed in A3 on very good photo quality paper. I also would like to get them framed, which I will need money for.

    I will need the help of my classrooms friends to sponsor me. I will do as I have planned but I also will need the support of each and every member of the student community of Year 4, 5 and 6 to appreciate the need for a peaceful eating atmosphere in the cafeteria. I’ll measure my change by observing the atmosphere at the end of my exhibition and comparing it with the start.

    • Jin
      March 24, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      aayush what’s k1?

      • Jin
        March 24, 2011 at 7:35 pm

        Oh that’s EY1 and EY2

        • 18Aayushk
          March 25, 2011 at 3:48 pm

          Yes Jin in my old school the called it K1 and K2:) (:

  18. 18Shikhark
    March 24, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    What is the issue?
    I think: I think in the present we don’t have the equal opportunity to show our talents or my favorite sports.I feel:I feel we should show our talents or think of a way to show our talent so that people will see you play and that chance might get you to go further and if it’s something you want to do once you grow up.I hope:I hope I success in my cricket club and that many people will come to my exhibition but the most important is I finally het the chance to show what my passion is and what I do!

    How has it come about?
    Before in the history of this sittuation we used have a cricket club,but they had to close it because there weren’t enough people coming.Then what I thought was if cricket has so many countries playing it and nist calls itself an international school why didn’t many show up for the club so I hope this year we have students who are into cricket come to my cricket club.

    Who gains who loses?

    I think who gains are the people like me who want to play cricket and FINALLY get to play this fine sport! which should be a very known sport but isn’t, anyways. I think teachers who are going to coachgain and the kids who don’t know the sport get more knowlege in their empty head! The people who lose are the students who wnat to play in the basketball area where I am going to play.

    What is our vision?
    My vision in the future is make myself and cricket lovers play their favorite (CRICKET) and my cricket club will success a lot and some of the good players including me can play internationally. top secret—–>I can become popular for cricket.

    What can be done?my cricket club will work. I will get lots of people or students then get a coach who is intrestsed and secondary students who can help the coach.Then we can coach others and ourselves, students will get better and better, I will probably get a good place to play, most students will be able to play with seson balls, some who are extra ordinary can be in the nist team, start competions with other schools, Play for Thailand,and Play in an International level for India or something.

    How will we do it?
    I will start the cricket club by the steps I have mentioned above. I will display my work in the final exhibition by hanging my sketches of Low class medeium class and royal and rich cricketers up and maybe some print outs of kids from other countries who are very much into cricket but even if they get the chance to play wont be able to. OHHH! and cricketers I am really inspired by up. As soon as someone passes by they will see my wonderful or phenomenal artwork and they will probably ask many questions where I can talk about every little point I have and connect it to many other things. Then talk about my cricket club.

  19. sebastian
    March 24, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    My issue is friendship issues at NIST. I am learning about friendship issues because there are normally are a lot of fights on the pitch and it is because of little things, then when we leave it also effects are friendship with our close friends. Now that there are quite a lot of friendship issues at NIST and it increases every year so Johan and I want to try and solve it.

    This issue has come about because people at NIST don’t really care about it and it is increasing every year and doesn’t stop. Friendship issues are a big thing because when you are at a certain age friends are really important to you and if your have fights with your friends you are sad and you become stressed and it causes many problems for you. I think people want to change it but they are just not bothered to.

    I think the NIST community losses because if they have friendship issue and and it becomes really serious their child might want to move school and that mean’s that effects their reputation and if there are many kids that move how are NIST going to pay for a lot of things? I think the counselors gain because if there are more people going to them because they are sad they will get more money.

    My vision is to change this issue because it is not nice to have big fights with your friends and you could become stressed and it will cause a lot of health and well-being problems.

    I need to get people that really care about it to help me get the people that don’t care about it to care about it. I also want to shock people because because they will always look back and know what they learned.

    I will do it by showing a video about friendship issues, I will explain more details to them if they don’t understand and why I chose friendship issues as my subject.

  20. gabi
    March 24, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    What is the issue….
    the issue is that children from year 4-8 aren’t drinking enough water
    how has it come about…..
    This has come about because kids are used to bring water bottles or forced and now nobody does around year4-8 and it’s not so strict which is very bad and sad.
    who gains and who looses…..
    well the people that gain is the school because then they don’t have to pay too much.
    The people that loose are two people first, students and the people who don’t drink enough and they loose energy and time to learn probably and the water company because they don’t get so much money from the water bills
    my vision is….
    my vision is that children learn why it is important to bring a water bottle or why it is important to drink water and that is why i would like the posters.
    I hope secondary students understand that it is cool to bring a water bottle anyway!!
    what can be done?…..
    I can make posters teach people why it is important to drink water and tell the teachers why it is important to bring a bottle to school and be more strict.
    what I will do about it….
    I will get some money to make “prosters” and do something to teach more people why it is important to drink water plus make and painting of MMH the “Mr. and Mrs. hydration”

  21. Manisha
    March 24, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    My issue is about bullying at NIST.I am doing this topic because it has effected me and I have seen people getting bullied and have never helped them (even if they are my friends). I know that it is a big problem at NIST because almost all the people who I have interviewed said that they have seen a person getting bullied in NIST or they have got bullied themselves.My goal is to reduce a little bit of bullying.

    I am not sure how it comes about but I have made the questions ready so I can interview teaches who have been here for a long.

    The person who gains most of the time in my issue is the bully because the bully’s goal is to make people feel weak. The person who loses most the time is the person who get’s bullied because many people who get bullied give up in their work and other things.

    My vision is to reduce the bullying at school. I think that some teachers are not really caring about bullying at school.

    The possible ways we can solve this problem by persuading others to go and help if they see any bullying happening but if they are getting bullied by themselves then they have to be strong and defend the bully.

    We can use comic strips, Art works about bullying, Posters and other stuff which can make the kids get attracted to it and change the way the people who get bullied think.

  22. Terrie
    March 24, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    What is the issue?
    My issue is how can we help the new students comes. And make them not lonely.

    how has it come about?

    I think the history of my issue is when the new students come to school, and their homeroom teacher will find two people to help them, but after few months and few days ago they left them and they has to lonely untill their English has beening improve. And that look lke a normal happen in school, and it look like a recycle circle to going around and arond. So maybe most of new students has that problem.
    who gains and who loses?
    I think the new students loses, like the lnely new students. And I think the new students just have a friends when they come to school gain, because they don’t know what dose lonely happen on their.

    What is my vision?
    My vision is I want every body know the new students is part of NIST, and I want evrybody help new students to NIST, and how improtant of the new students at NIST.

    What can be done?
    I will make a picture book to tell every body to shift their think, and make they think something is not only old students can do, new students also can do it.
    What I will do about it?
    I will put my book in the office, and tell new students new students is part of NIST when they come to NIST, and I will let they know new students and normal students is exacly same, ans I wil make they feel that is very easy to get confidents and they can feel confidents when they new to school.

  23. Sam
    March 24, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    My issue is about Nature at NIST and how I think there is not enough.
    I have heard that this has been an issue since NIST opened. Because of this, I don’t know how this issue has come about. All I know is that the Nature at NIST has increased a little bit since NIST opened.
    When there is not enough Nature at NIST we, the students, lose. So do teachers and parents who go/come to NIST. We lose because we don’t have oxygen. The school might also lose because they might not have such a good reputation for a beautiful campus.
    I think the school also gains as well as lose. They gain because they don’t have to buy the plants/seeds, pay the gardeners as much and pay for the water that is being used to water the plants each day. Building companies may also win because if there NIST doesn’t have much gardens, they can build something in that spot. If there was more gardens there wouldn’t be enough space for a building.
    My vision is to make a little nursery on the Year 6 deck. We are planning to have at least 20 pots. We are planning to grow some fruits trees. We want to get the seeds from the fruits we eat. When the tree is big enough we are planning to put them around the school. This is our short term plan.
    Our long term plan is to be involved in a project that NIST is going to decide to do. Since there is no official plans, Paula and I can help them with ideas. Once they make a plan that is definitely going to happen, Paula and I want to be involved in it.
    What can be done is what my vision is.

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