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Blog Posting About Orienteering and GPS

 When I was in Kanchanaburi, I was in the Orienteering and GPS group for my expert group. It was really difficult when I did it first with my group (DK and Peter) but after that I improved significantly. The first one was the practice. When it was a test, you are stuck with your classmates.


There were Ken and Sae Yeon in my group.  They were both good orienteers.

How we managed to find our way to the campsite:

Mr. Will gave a compass to us and a paper saying the directions and the steps. We were supposed to find papers with number 1 to 6 on them. It was a bit of a challenge for us so Mr. Will can test us how well we improved at orienteering.

Still, orienteering was hard because the papers were everywhere and we stepped into the wrong way.  The paper said how many steps you have to walk to the campsite.I told Ken that I will find the papers and he and Sae Yeon will do the orienteering. We finally found our campsite that were in the woods.

 I found almost all the papers but I think that we succeeded because we cooperated well, we listened to each other and we were really kind to each other. 6CB helped us find some papers and we would have never done our test if we didn’t get any help from 6cb. 

The picture of me and Sae Yeon leading our class to 6CB’s campsite 


 If you see two people at the right side, that’s us! It wasn’t that hard trying to find our way to 6CB‘s campsite because it was right next to us.If you don’t get where me and Sae Yeon are, you have to find Manisha and look aside then you will see two camouflaged people.
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  1. Am
    December 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    Jin, I really like this peice of writing. I think that you explained it quite well about Orienteerring and GPS tasks and challenges. I think you can improve a bit more next time by adding a bit more detail on the way to our campsite and the takss because it wouldv’e made it more interesting. 🙂

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