3 Way Conferences and The Human Bird

I showed the students this video while we were preparing for 3 Way Conferences. Why?

Well… I felt that the students should select one very important “weakness” for their conference, something that is holding them back, something that is stopping them from flying. Imagine if The Human Bird never jumped out of a plane in his life… he would never have the amazing experiences that he has, like flying down the side of The Matterhorn, only a few metres from the jagged rocks!!! It’s quite similar to a student who never takes the jump and improves their spelling, or improves their ability to take part on conversations, or improves their technology skills, or improves their division skills etc…

Of course, I am not suggesting that my students should go and jump out of a helicopter!!!

  1. Jin
    October 13, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    I really think that that daredevil dude is really brave because I wouldn’t dare to try to fly. But I really do feel sorry for him because he’s left out and I really hate his parents. Because that if they want to leave their kid alone, why did they marry each other? They married because they want to try a bit of taking care and if I were one of the parents, I would leave the fun and take care of my kid. Because Mr. Sam said that they just left him alone and go to fascinating parties for fun. Anyway, this video had nothing to do with 3 way conferences. Though, I enjoyed a lot. At first when I was watching the video in the class, I thought that the guy was riding on a boat or something. Anyway, I wouldn’t have a desire of suiciding because even though I have something or someone that annoys me or threatens to kill me, I wouldn’t do that. But if my feelings are like the guy in this video, then I would suicide for my own good.
    But here are the percentages of my suicidal desire

    Want to:30% not 70%

    The reason that I don’t want to die is because I don’t know what happens to my soul when I die and I can’t feel anything and I am sorrow. But in church, they say that your soul goes to heaven if you did good deeds and if not then you’ll go to hell to serve your punishments.

  2. 18johanl
    October 13, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    I agree with you Jin this man is really brave and I wouldn’t want jump down from this helicopter, Also he is really close to the mountain so if he does one litlle thing wrong he might die so its certainley a very big challenges.

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