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bansky is a street artist who no one knows how he looks like. He painted that picture we saw in the theater of the girl patting the soldiers body. This is his website. To enter click the picture of the praying boy.

Do you agree with his messages or not?

Is it vandalism or art?

Some other people are painting over his saying bad things a bout him

do you agree with those people or not?


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This is a video that I found on youtube.

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This is Catherine Tate

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3 Way Conferences and The Human Bird

October 13, 2010 2 comments

I showed the students this video while we were preparing for 3 Way Conferences. Why?

Well… I felt that the students should select one very important “weakness” for their conference, something that is holding them back, something that is stopping them from flying. Imagine if The Human Bird never jumped out of a plane in his life… he would never have the amazing experiences that he has, like flying down the side of The Matterhorn, only a few metres from the jagged rocks!!! It’s quite similar to a student who never takes the jump and improves their spelling, or improves their ability to take part on conversations, or improves their technology skills, or improves their division skills etc…

Of course, I am not suggesting that my students should go and jump out of a helicopter!!!