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Group 5 Black Whales

This is the picture we got;

We had a conversation about this photo under “I See I Think I Wonder.”

As a group we see that this place is surronded by water. Then we saw this man that was marooned on an island, with his cows and he’s calling for help.

We think that this man is calling for help and this place was attacked by a tsunami or it flooded and we think that this man has cows. We think that this mans house was blown away and left part of destruction.

This is what we wonder:

  • If theres a flood
  • If theres any sand
  • What country it’s in
  • Is he a farmer
  • Is that his house/is his house like that
  • Why does he have cows
  • How he got there


Thank you for reading our posting.

The Black Whales

  1. jin
    August 24, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    I think that the field is like a heart.

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