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Higuain Haul sends Argentina through group stage


I just thought of trying to see how many posts have people posted. I have absolutely no idea how I thought of the idea. I’m serious.


SOCCER: England race to another draw with Algeria which keeps them in third and a must win match against in-form Slovenia is required to stay safe from the drop-zone. The only team that is confirmed a place in the last 16 is Argentina who have 2 wins no draws no losses. To get in, you need minimum 5 points and maximum 9 [means wins]. Argentina have 6 points. The second closest is a surprising Uruguay who have four and share it with Slovenia. Both the teams have to force a draw at the least to avoid a slip. South Africa have said goodbye to the tournament after a 3-0 hammering to Uruguay. Their only hopes to get back in the race is to win France 4-0 which is impossible. Gonzalo Higuain;s hatrick have sent Argentina through despite a extremely tough qualifying campaign.

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    June 19, 2010 at 10:26 am

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