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Helping New Teachers Know You

Learning by kevindooley.

About me:

Name/nickname, Birthday, Nationality

Countries they’ve lived in

How long they’ve  been at NIST

My Family:

Who they live with, how many siblings, pets…

What we are doing this summer…

The best thing about my family is…

Best part of Year 6 for me was:

Their favourite experience from Year 6…

My Exhibition topic was…

What they did in Year 6 to prepare themselves for Year 7…

My Year 6 teacher was ____ and they would describe me as….

Me as a student:

Strengths/favourite subjects…

Areas to improve on…

The best way my teacher can help me is…

My passions:

Activities/sports I enjoy are…

I like to read about…

I am really interested in learning more about…

My friends:

What I like best about my friends…

I hope in Year 7… (example: we stay friends, I make new friends, I have less problems with my friends…)

I try to be a good friend by…

Year 7:

What I’m most excited about…

What makes me nervous…

What I might need help with…(from teachers/parents)

    June 7, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    About Me
    6 years @ NIST
    Staying home
    They always understand me
    Best part of Y.6
    Camp kanchanaburi – fun, exciting, challenging
    Water usage in Thailand, how we can reduce the amount of water we use daily
    Unit of inquiry…How we express ourselves, how we organize ourselves, sharing the planet (Exhibition)
    Mr. Sam – organized, crazy, quiet
    As a Student
    Strengths – Art, history
    Favorite subject- history – fun, interesting, important
    Weakness- math – fraction and algebra
    Improvement – give me more homework to do with math
    Sport – basketball tennis
    Activities – stitching, drawing fish
    Read- Ancient civilizations, fantasy books
    Interested – Geography / temperatures and rivers, History, Egypt, Aztec, Greece
    Understand what I feel, help me with things I struggle about
    Hope – make more friends, have less problems with my friends, be with my friends
    Good Friend – making sure I do the share of work if we do group work, let my friends do what they want to do, help them with things they don’t understand or don’t feel comfortable about
    Year 7
    House and DT
    Subjects I haven’t learnt before – humanities –MAD
    Need help with – getting to classes, timetable, and books

  2. ~*SUJINNA*~
    June 7, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    PS. I’m not sure if you can read it it’s in bullet points

  3. Karam
    June 7, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    About ME:
    My name is Karam. My nationality is Indian. Birthday 13th of January 1999
    Countries I have lived in are India and Thailand
    I have Been at nist for 1 year.

    My family:
    I live with my mother and my father and occasianally my brother.I do not know what my family is doing this summer. Best part of my family is that they are always very sensitive and understanding to each other. We also have a sense of honour and pride in the family.

    Best part of yr6:

    I think that the best part of yr6 was the exhibition and the camp trip.
    My topic during the exhbition was renewable energy.
    To prepare myself for yr7 we done the unit how we organize ourselves and started to use the student organizer.
    My teacher was funny and sometimes a bit crazy and he would describe me as quiet.

    Me as a student :

    Strengths history,english,Maths.
    Areas to improve on art.
    Teacher can help me by giving me extra art work.

    My passions:
    Sparring in taekwondo. As well playing football.
    I like to read about fantasy, history, true stories and mythology.
    I would really like to know more about warfare especially historic warfare.

    My friends:
    I really lke my friends because they give me help whenever I need it and they are funny.
    I hope that in year 7 I will make more friends.
    I try to be a good friend by givv\ing them excactly what they give me.

    Year 7:
    I am most excited about dt and p.e.
    I am a little nervous about house and MAD
    I think I will need a little help with finding lockers and classrooms

  4. Amy
    June 7, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    My name is Ammika Singhsachakul/ Amy for short. My birthday is on July 31st 1999. My nationality is Thai, I have lived in Bangkok all my life. I have been in Nist for seven years, its going to be eight years soon though. I used to live with my grandparents and parents but then we had to split up because of some family problems we had. I had a dog called Romeo in my old house but then when I moved I had to leave him behind, but at least he was in good hands. We moved into an apartment called Royal Residents. I lived there for over 3 years but now I live in a house in Sukhumvit Soi 31. Just before we moved my parents made a deal with me and my 2 older siblings that they were going to buy us another dog. So we got her and name her pebbles. She is almost 1 years old in July 29.

    My new house has a huge garden so I run with pebbles every day to let out all of her energy counting mine. On the last day of school I am going to Singapore with my family there we are going to visit the universal studios, I don’t know what will be happening during summer just yet. The best thing about my family is that I have 2 older siblings that stand up for me and are my friends, My mom is an adventurer meaning she like trying new things and to top it off my dad is the joker.

    In year 6 I really enjoyed Kanchanaburi because it was my chance to test my skills of survival and because I had lots of fun. For the exhibition I chose to focus on female rights.

    o Strengths- Dancing, Math, Reading.
    o Favorite subjects- P.e, Music, Art
    o Goals- Math, continue doing mathletics.

    o Love dancing
    o Making stuff using lots of materials
    o Fantasy fiction books
    I want to learn about:
    o Easy strategies in math
    o Egypt

    I like the fact that my friends stand up for me, They are nice to me and when they listen to my ideas and help me during class when I need help.
    I have less problems with my friends and I hope I make new friends.
    I try to be a good friend by being helpful, Being nice/ Friendly and standing up for my friends when needed to.

    I am super exited to go to year 7 because I get to be in secondary along with my brother and I will also probably get to meet new people.
    I am nervous about forgetting about my homework and forgetting my books at school.
    I might need help with tips that could help me in year 7.

  5. Luca
    June 7, 2010 at 5:48 pm

    Hi my name is Luca Mustert. I was born on 29th august 1999. My family is Dutch. I was born in Holland but I only stayed there for 2 weeks, then went to Saudi-Arabia, after that I went to Bahrain, soon after that I went to Denmark (where my brother was born), then I went to England and now I am in Thailand. At the end at year 7 I am leaving (and living there for the first time) for Holland.

    I live with my mum and dad and my little brother River. During the summer holiday we are going back home (Holland) for 5 weeks, going to euro Disney for ½ a week and to Belgium to see my moms best friend and her sons are River and my best friends for 1 week. The best thing about my family they care about you, they cheer you up well and they are good at solving problems.

    My favorite experiences were exhibition and Khatchanaburi. My topic during the exhibition was cyber bullying. To prepare ourselves for year 7 we have used lockers, student organizers, how we organize our selves unit and GRR (Gradual Release of Responsibility). Mr. Sam during year 6 was funny, kind, helpful, interesting and he gave me a good learning experience in year 6 and would describe me athletic, Dutch, kind and he would say a lot more but I can’t read people’s minds.
    My strengths are P.E, math, reading, research and making presentations. My favorite subjects are P.E, math and reading (does reading count as a subject?). One of my weak spots is art. The best way to teach me something is let me practice on that during class and as homework.
    I like swimming, running, rock climbing and basically all the ball sports. I like to read about fiction, mysteries and comics. I am really interested in learning more about sports, science (chemicals is that chemistry?) and writing stories.
    What I like best about my friends is that they are there for me when I need them, they always let me play and that I know that I can trust them. I hope in Year 7 that I will have the same friends and have new friends. I try to be a good friend by caring for people, that they know that they can trust me and by comforting them when they don’t feel so happy.
    What I’m most excited about is the events for house, new time schedules and not having someone like Mr. Sam (no homeroom teacher that you spend most time with. What makes me nervous is being bullied, lots of classes and being the 1st year 7’s to stay in the new building for 1 whole year. What I might need help with is being bullied and finding where all the classes are.

  6. Cael
    June 7, 2010 at 5:59 pm

    About Me
    My name is Cael
    Sometimes I’m called numbty
    I come from Scotland and Hawaii
    7 years at nist
    My Family
    2 Sisters
    We are going to Hawaii this summer
    The best thing about my family is we all care for what we do
    My Favorite experiences were completion dinner and kanchanaburi
    Beggars not getting equal opportunities
    How we organize our selves unit and the GRR
    Crazy, Fun and unorganized
    Strengths, photography and writing stories
    Weaknesses maths and spelling
    Giving me extra help
    I like do to photography, rugby and football
    Fantasy and adventure
    Maths and History
    There funny, nice to be around with and trust worthy
    In year 7 I want to stay and make new friends
    Helping my friends the need help and also being trust worthy
    New building and classes
    More work and tests
    Maths and spelling.

  7. Ranvir
    June 7, 2010 at 7:16 pm

    About Me:
    Ranvir Singh-Sachakul
    18/12/1998-born in Bangkok, Thailand
    This is my 7th year at NIST
    I live in Sukhumvit Soi 24 next to Seafood Market and Restaurant [known as biggest in Thailand]. This summer, I’m doing summer school at Wells On nut [as NIST isn’t having it this year] for 6 weeks and after that, I might go to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia or Japan for a week and then I have a 1 week break before Year 7 starts. What I like about my family most is that we are compromising but we usually have some trouble and start to fight. I have an older sister who graduated from NIST in 2005 [when I was in Year 1] and is now 23 and married happily. She is teaching English at some institutes and might get a job at Harrow.
    The best part of year 6 for me was Camp because all of us really enjoyed ourselves and experienced what we couldn’t imagine. My topic for the exhibition was racism and I did a TED Talk in the theatre. For the preparations, we used lockers for 2 weeks [I hated it!] and we are going to the new building tomorrow. We have had a session with Mr. Randy about year 7 and it was quite good.
    My favorite subject is writing stories [of any genre that I feel like] and I usually write at home as well. Besides that, I like reading and I think I’m really good at it as well. Next year, I’m looking forward to Humanities and History because I love learning and researching history. I also crack jokes during learning but not at the right timing so that needs to improve a little. I tend to finish my work very swiftly and that’s how I earned the nickname ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ from specialists’ subject. I quite like the name though.
    My life is in tennis. I love tennis and I’m known to be the best in elementary [I can enjoy the moment only for 4 days now]. My height is also really ‘deadly’ [174 cm]. I also like to play soccer during lunchtimes and snack times as we aren’t allowed up on the courts. I like to read suspense/thriller and mystery books as they put me off my seat and I get really engrossed in reading. I’m interested in learning more about History. I cant wait! 
    What I like about my friends is that they are all good at soccer so we don’t have problems teaching and helping them out. I hope I have new friends who can join the team and make it more fun. I get involved by trying to help out as much as I can.
    In year 7, I hope I get to write stories and I can’t wait for the time where I learn history. When I hear the word design tech., I get a little nervous because I’m absolutely terrible at art. I fear that I might get lost sometimes.

  8. June 7, 2010 at 7:19 pm

    Ok I wrote my first draft it is unedited so I wont put it on the blog

  9. Mick
    June 7, 2010 at 9:06 pm



    My name is Mick and my birthday is on the 29th of April. I was born in the year 1999. I’m a Thai person and I’ve lived in Bangkok all my life. I’ve been at NIST since EY1 so that is 8 years.

    At home I live with my mum and brother. We have two dogs at home. This summer our family is not sure yet where we are going for the summer. The best thing about my family is we are a really happy family and we always talk toghether and have good relations.

    This year for me the exhibition was my most favourite part because I learned many new things and I did new things that I have never done. My exhibition topic was about agriculture and farming and how our farming methods harm the environment.

    My year 6 teacher is Mr.Sam. Mr.Sam is a really good teacher that thinks out of the box all the time. He is a really nice guy and likes to do things other teachers don’t do. Mr.Sam will describe me as a person who takes action all the time and is someone who really does care for the environment.

    My strength and favourite subject €is maths. I’m really good at maths and I really enjoy doing it. My areas of improvement is handwriting and PE. I really have bad handwriting but I’m improving and getting better. I’m not good at PE because I don’t do a lot of sports so I can really win in sports when playing against other people. These areas of improvement need to be improved by practice, practice and practice.

    The sport I enjoy is badminton because it one of the sports I do best.

    The most favourite book for me is Percy Jackson series. Its an inspiring book. It has a good plot and good ideas.

    I’m interested in learning more about science because it is a really interesting topoic but we don’t really learn about this at class.

    In year 7 I think I will make new friends I will stay friends with my old friends because I’m a good person and I ave a lot of friends. What I like best about my friends is that they are a really nice group of people.

    I try to be a good friend by being nice to my friends and helping them. I don’t really to agrue them and fight with them.

    I’m excited about going into secondary and learning differently and meeting new people. I’m a little bit nervous because secondary is more different elementary so I might get things wrong. We have more homework and need to be more organized to succeed in secondary.

    I might need help with doing homework and staying organized. I can get help from my mum because she has a lot of experience in secondary because my brother is in secondary.

  10. Sasha
    June 8, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    My name is Sasha Vashiraphiphob, and my birthday is on December 5th. I was born in Thailand, Bangkok 1998. I am part Indian and Thai. I have lived in Bangkok my whole life but I have gone to other countries, Malaysia, Hong- Kong, and Macao. I have been in NIST since EY 2 so in total I have been in NIST for 7 years, in year 7 it will be my 8th year at NIST.
    I live with my grandparents, my uncle, my mom and my sister. My sister is 4 years older than me and in the same school, her name is Riya. I have a dog and 9 fish with me at home, my dog is already quite old.

    I am not exactly sure of what I am doing this summer but my family will maybe go to koh samet. The best thing about my family is that they all accept me for whom I am, they always care for me, for e.g. if I am nervous for some reason they always encourage me.

    This year the best experience I have faced is the exhibition because I had lots of fun, I learnt a lot, and it was something that changed me to become aware of the world and what is happening around me. My exhibition topic was about clean water and how we use and waste it, I chose this issue because I really want everyone to have a good future with water and I want everyone to be healthy.

    Mr. Sam was an amazing teacher because he always made us learn in a different ways and not make us feel bored for e.g. instead of Mr. Sam telling us the information of something he made us research on it then we would have to present it in an interesting way. Mr. Sam always makes us enjoy the time we have in and year 6. Also Mr. Sam has prepared us for year 7 by making us really organized, telling us what we will be going through, how it will be like in year 7. Not only Mr. Sam but to all the teachers thank you for helping us to become prepared for year 7 and not being nervous or scared, instead making us feel welcome and excited. Year 6 prepared us by making us the GRR (Gradual Release of Responsibility) letting the whole of year 6 to have a chance to use the lockers, and having the transition for e.g. having house and having a few periods being a secondary.

    My strength as a student is art because I am a creative person and I am not afraid to get dirty, my other strength is being organized because of the unit how we organize ourselves, that unit made me a more organized person.
    My weakness as a student is math, I really want to improve at math because in the future maybe math could be a huge part of my job and I want to be good at my job and know what I am doing.

    My favorite subjects are art and drama because as I said before I am creative and I am not scared to get my hands dirty and I like drama because I want to be good at singing, acting and dancing.
    The best way a teacher could help me with art is when I don’t know how to do something I tell them and then they explain it to me, and the best way a teacher could help me with drama is explain me how to do something and tell me what I am doing wrong so that I could do it again or just do it the right way the next time.

    The sport I really enjoy is swimming because it makes you tall, and it is good exercise. This sport is something that I am planning to do during the holidays, at least 3-4 times a week. I like to read books that are humorous because I read every night and when I read good books and that I enjoy I have a good sleep so humor books are usually good books and makes me have a good night sleep. I am really interested in learning more about what is happening to the world so that I am aware and so that I know what is happening around me, I will do that by watching the news everyday so that I gain knowledge about the world around me.

    What I like most about my friends is that they accept me for who I am. I hope in year 7 we all stay friends and have lesser problems because during the second half of the semester we have had quite a lot of problems so I want that to stop so that we can still stay good friends, I also hope in year 7 to make new friends so that I don’t always stay with the same people all the time. I try to be a good friend by not being mean or rude to my friends and being honest but not saying it in a mean and bad way.

    In year 7 I am most excited about what classes I will be having, who my teachers will be for each subject, and everything else. I am not that nervous about year 7 because everyone in year 6 has been talking to the other teachers about it and I have been talking to my sister about how it was like for her when went to year 7. I might need help from the math teacher as I wrote before because I want to improve at math.

  11. Samantha
    June 8, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    My name is Samantha Drew and my nickname is Sam or Sammy. I was born on August 31st 1999 and I have been in NIST for my whole school life (8 years next year is my 9th year at NIST). I come from Australia and Thailand but I have lived in Thailand for my entire life. I have quite a big family which has 7 people in it. I have 2 brothers called Adam and Joshure and 2 sisters called Brooke and Emmy. My parents are divorced and I have a stepmom called Gemma. This year’s holiday I‘m travelling to Koh Samui, Khoa Yai, Hua Hin and Australia. I like my family because we’re all equal and we push each other to get to our goal. My favourite experience in year 6 was in Kanchanaburi because it was a lot of fun doing different activities such as building a shelter and being with my friends for 3 nights(having lots of fun). For my exhibition I did about how we pollute the ocean in our daily lives, for my exhibition I focused on our cleaning products and from the feedback I got people said that they would change. I did this issue because I care a lot about the ocean and I know that our some of our food comes from the ocean so I thought that this was a very important issue. Year 6 prepared us for year 7 by using a student organizer, using a locker for 2-3 weeks, having transitions (going to our House colour and having half a day of being a year 7) and using the Gradual Release of Responsibitly (in the unit How we Organize ourselves). I think Mr. Sam (my year 6 teacher) would describe me as organized because during the unit how we organize ourselves I only had to do a few things to improve my organization. As a student my strengths are that I’m creative and I am very organized. My favourite subjects are art and P.E because in art you can be creative and in P.E you move around and have lots of fun. The areas that I should improve on are math and world languages (Thai) because in the future those two things could be very important or useful. The best way my teacher can help me is if I don’t understand something the teacher could explain/guide me through what I don’t understand. Sports/activities that I enjoy are horse riding, swimming, rock climbing and travelling. Types/styles of books I like to read are fantasy, realistic fiction, fiction and news papers/magazines. Next year I’m really interested in learning more about how we pollute the ocean in our daily lives, history, different types/styles of music and different countries/people/lifestyles/religions .What I like about my friends is that there fun, happy and they don’t leave me out. In year 7 I hope that I will stay with my friends but also make new friends. As a friend I try to be a good one by not getting into problems or causing problems and I try not to leave people out. In year 7 I’m most excited about having a locker, having many different teachers and being in the new building. What makes me nervous is that I might not see my friends often like I used to. What I might need help with is my homework because I might not understand something’s.

  12. Arne
    June 8, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    All about me
    About me:
    My name is Arne and my birthday is in 2nd of February 1999, my nationality is German and Thai. I have been at NIST for 7 years now and I started learning here since EY2.
    My Family:
    I live my parents and I have 3 older siblings that are in College or University. This summer I’m going to a monk school to learn about meditation.
    Best part of Y6 for me was:
    My favorite experience in Y6 for me was the Kanchanaburi camp trip. My exhibition topic was about Facebook safety. We had lots of transitioning and trying out secondary school and our house.
    Me as a Student:
    My teacher in Y6 was Mr. Sam and he would describe me as Laidback. My strengths are Physical Fitness and my Favorite subject is P.E. I think I need to work on Art since I haven’t been known much by my artistic skills.
    The sports I enjoy a lot are football, swimming and possibly table tennis. What I also enjoy is hanging out with my friends some time and going to their house.

    My friends:
    What I like best about my friends is that we stick together for what’s coming most of the time. I hope in Year 7 I try to make new friends but keep my old friends too.
    Year 7:
    I’m really excited to be in Year 7 and I want to learn more on how we learn and do differently than Yr6. Also we get different teachers for different subjects and we don’t use a carpet anymore.

  13. Saeri
    June 8, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    Dear my year 7 teacher!!
    Hi, my name is Saeri Yagi. I was called lily when I was a baby. I come from Japan and Thailand. I was born in Japan and lived in Japan for about Three years. Then I came to Thailand because my dad has work at Thai. I was learning at NIST from when I was year two which is five years.
    I live with my mum, dad and me. My mum comes from Japan and my dad is from Thai. I also have many pets but only some are actually at my home. I have three dogs, many fishes, turtle and two rabbits. All of the pets are at my house except for two of the dogs. My dogs are Chihuahua, German shepherd and miniature schnauzer. The best thing about my family is that I can say anything to each other.
    In year six my favorite unit of inquiry was being organized. I liked this unit because I can know how I can be more organized or what I am not organized. I also could be more organized. My exhibition topic was “Air pollution.” I actually also care about the rubbish on roads but I chose air pollution for my topic. I tried to use the organizer and I also used the lockers for 2weeks. We also went to look at the houses. I think I am good at translating (only Japanese) but my mum say that I am better at making friends and drawing. For now I like P.E the best. I like to move around and to run but when I go to year 7 maybe it will change to science or something. I need to improve on math and reading. When I learn I sometimes go on my own way too much and change the topic or start doing something crazy which is not even related to what I was supposed to be doing so the teacher could sometimes help me understand what I am suppose to do and what I can do.
    I enjoy playing with my friend. I also like eating and sleeping. I like to read adventure books. I sometimes think I want to search on foods because I love eating and want to know more foods and I want to know the which food is good for your health.
    I like friends because we all think differently. We sometimes get angry and sometimes get sad. Bet we never fall apart. No matter what happens we always play together talk together and walk together. I think all my friends are going to make new friends and I think its fine because I will be making friends too I think. But I wish that I still can play with my old friends and I wish that the new friends will play with us too. I try to be a good friend by talking to each other and by thinking how they feel.
    I am really excited to go to year 7 because I like changing. I like taking challenges because I can know more things and it’s more fun to take a big step. I am nervous a little bit because I am scared that I won’t understand things or to not know where to go next. I hope I can be more and more organized next year. I might need teachers or parents to help me understand what I’m doing.

  14. CV
    October 11, 2015 at 6:22 pm

    Hi Sasha,
    You are filled with energy like your mom and i am highly and deeply impressed with your thoughts. I really like your creativeness about art & music and your green environmental concepts.
    I have seen your you tube article at least 100 times .I cannot stop smiling . You are magnificent. I wish i could know you more .Can i be one of your friend ?
    With Love and Respect

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