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I think that this video really makes people think about the way we live because before the world was a very beautiful place, when us people came, instead of making the world better, we were destroying it and now the world is very bad, it is full of pollution, factories and cars.

The video makes me feel very bad, sad and worried because us humans are supposed to be the best kind of animal in this world but now we are the worse. I feel sad because this world is our only home and if we keep destroying it, we would have no houses to live in. We can’t clone the world or find another planet like our world where there is water and oxygen. I feel worried because if this world is destroyed, totally destroyed then we would have to die and I don’t want to die (now) so if we don’t stop it, we will not live.

We can change the world’s future and our future but are we ready to change our lives forever? its up to you, its your choice, its what you choose and what you choose it your future.

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  1. Mr. Sam
    March 22, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Hi Sujinna,

    I like the part in blue font, are we really ready to change the way we live? Do we actually have a choice?

    Mr. Sam

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