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November 28, 2009 1 comment

Today, I won the Hexa Tennis Under 15s tournament for the 4th time in a row! I made it to the final with a lot of lack in consistency for my first match with a guy from ISB named, Natt. To make it to the final, I faced SHB player, Ken. In the extrodinary-celebration final, I played Natt’s brother Poo. [Yeah I know, funny name]. I won 7-5 [1], 6-2[2], and 6-3 [final] to take the glass-made cup. I will bring this trophy after school to show Mr.Sam  my 4th time achievment. I have the confidence to play my own birthday tennis cup. Anyone who wants to see the trophy- my mom will come after break on either Monday or Tuesday [according to her own convinience]

The overall standings look like this:

1. Ranvir- Nist

2. Poo-ISB

3. Ken-SHB

4. Big-ICS

5. Natt-ISB

6. Art- ICS

7. Kanpot-SHB


Now, to relate this win to class work, I will express my feelings through music because I love music. The music I would use is embedded below: