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pets in danger

March 24, 2010 13 comments


My issue is about pets force to eytake drugs. Because they want more money so, they make pets take drugs make them look highpper and look healty so the comsutomers will buy the pets.

so this is  the quistens I wanna ask you.

what do you THINK about pets in animal market?
What do you FEEL about pets in animal market?
What do you hope about pets in animal market?”
What do you FEAR pets in animal market?

watch this video

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How gaming could save the world

March 23, 2010 14 comments

Recently, there was a TED talk about how computer games could actually have a positive impact on the world (watch the TED talk here). They always seem to be about destruction and violence, right? But, they culd be used to teach and train people to do good things too.

I’d like some people to try out this game called “Evoke”. Watch the trailer for the game here:

Then, have a go at the game by clicking this link.

The Story of Stuff

March 23, 2010 9 comments

Watch this video called “The Story of Stuff”. Watch it with some other people or watch it alone. Pause it when you need to take notes or talk about it.

It’s from a website called

What do you think? What does the video make you think, feel, hope and fear?

Exibition – Cars Idling

March 23, 2010 31 comments


For my exibition I doing a topic on Cars Idling I would like to ask you some questions:

  • What do you think about Idling?
  • What does it make you feel like when you see a car Idling?
  • What would you say about idling?
  • What would you say to someone who is Idling?

Questions For Exhibition

March 23, 2010 15 comments

For the exhibition I inquired about agriculture and how it is bad for the environment. I wanted to get peoples opinions about this issue.

Here is the questions for step 1:

What do you think, feel hope, and fear about agriculture and it’s effect on the world.

Here are some of my exhibition research questions:

Where do you buy your food from?

Where is the place you buy it from and how far is it from your house?

What types of food do you buy most. Not what countries’ food but what is it?

Where do these products come from?

Home- Video

March 21, 2010 1 comment

This video makes me feel that I am a foolish person because I know that these things are happening but why don’t I do something about it. If I can make a difference then I will be able to inspire other to do as well because what is the point in telling people not to pollute when you do, not only you but me and everyone in this world. I feel terrible that people who don’t have in of money to survive, live with our greed. They don’t have money but why let them go through all of these things we fear like they survive on our rubbish and they live in the places where all of our pollution and used things go. Why make them suffer from our doings.

This video is very meaningful to me. I really enjoyed it. It made me feel different feelings at once, I really like the way they added different countries into this video because most movie/videos do it on very famous countries but in this video they talked about Africa, Canada and even Haiti. I think that this movie creator is very gifted and lucky for getting the opportunity to take pictures and travel around the globe. I love the way the recordings look like paintings but it is very real at the same time.

We are distroying our home!!!

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March 18, 2010 9 comments

In order for us to work out what issues we want to focus on for the exhibition, we have had to do a lot of soulsearching. We have spent a lot of time thinking and talking about what we truly care about, what our passions are, what evokes strong emotions, what affects us personally and what we could have a tangible effect on.

Today, we started to reach some conclusions. One thing that really helped was this interesting process:

Do You Know Your Purpose?

We also used the “Zones of Effect” in order to think carefully about whether or not things affect us personally or whether or not we are part of the problem. This was interesting because examples like the Earth’s finite resources are global issues, but also each one of us is part of the problem (and also part of the solution).

Once we started getting a clear idea of the issues we were interested in and that they were personally relevant, we made a display that showed our issues and the connections between them.

Let’s carry on with this process on the Blog. Make a comment with your issue and then reply to other people’s issues that are connected to yours.

Your Questions about the Future

March 16, 2010 51 comments

What questions do you have about the future? These can be on a personal level, about the school, your local community or events in the wider world. Make a comment to tell us your questions. Read other people’s questions and…

  • See if anyone has very similar questions to yours. Why could that be?
  • See if anyone asks something you never would have asked.
  • See if you can predict the answers to any questions.
  • See what other people think of your questions.

Hopes and Fears for your Local Area

March 15, 2010 17 comments

List some of the things you like and some of the things you dislike about your local area.

Idenfity three hopes you have for the future of your local area.

Identify three fears that you have about the future of your local area.

Bonus: Can you go out in your local area and take photographs of the things you like and dislike? Could you make a video? Could you present your work in a Pecha Kucha style using PowerPoint or Prezi?

Photograph taken using Google Earth

Helping you find your passion

March 12, 2010 4 comments

The Year 6 teachers are putting links to all sorts of media on to a Wallwisher wall. Watch, listen to or look at these links to help you think about what your passion actually is. If you know of any videos, songs, websites etc… that could also help people think about this, you can add them to the wall easily. Click on the picture to go to our Wallwisher site.


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