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Am and Julien-Exhibition Topics updated

February 22, 2011 2 comments

We are continuing on our task of asking people about their choices of topics for the upcoming Exhibition. We used the same question of ‘if the Exhibition was tomorrow, what topic would you choose?’ but this time we added a sentence before saying a question and it is ‘remember last time we asked you about your exhibition topic? Well we are updating so did you change your mind of stay the same?’
This time most people took slightly longer to think and we reminded them of their old topic, so they got the question quickly after a reminder.
The results were…

Shikhar-Illegal Immigrants
Paula-Framed Photography on the NIST campus
Sae-Yeon, Ken-Water Shortage and problems
Jin, Anirudh, Yea-chan-pollution
May-Homeless people
Odette, Manisha-Plastic waste
Jon, Johan-Beggars
Pimboon- Flooding
Samantha-Photography on Positive and Negative nature
Gabi-Photography on how Thai peoples’ lifestyle and Thailand’s Nature
Terrie, Am-Rubbish in Thailand
Aayush- Children’s’ rights
Paul, Julien- Kids on Sukhumvit (window wiping, homeless, etc.)
Michael-Kids education in Thailand
Pin-Kids in poverty’s Education

Again we would to raise up a conversation to make it interesting and we would like to see the reasons of your topic…
1. Did you change your topic? Why/Why not?
2. How did you come of your topic?-have you always had the passion of it?
3. Why do you think that you would want to work with the topic you chose and what issues are in your topic?

Homework: The World When You Were a Zygote

November 25, 2010 35 comments

Interview your parents to find out what the world was like and what their lives were like when you were a Zygote!

Homework: Publishing Writing About Kanchanaburi

November 22, 2010 44 comments

You have many choices of ways to write and present your writing. To help you make your choices, I will give you a list of questions.

What do you want to write about? What moments, experiences and conversations were important for you? What responsibilities do you have when you write?

Who do you want to write with? Of course, you can work alone, but you also have the option to collaborate with other people in a number of ways.

Who are you writing for? Who is your audience?

Why are you writing? Why is it important to know the reason you’re writing?

How will you use writing to express what you want to say? How will you make sure people will want to read your writing? How will you get your writing read by other people?

For homework, today, spend some time brainstorming answers to these questions and then make a comment to tell us what you’re thinking. Read the questions very carefully and put some good thought into how you will answer them.

What world are you in this week?

October 18, 2010 76 comments

Ms. Jennifer says that when you read you “enter the world” of the book. Tell us all about the book you’re reading by:

  • Describing the world in the book
  • Describing the feeling of the book
  • Describing the people in the book
  • Giving us details that help us understand the world you enter when you read the book

Don’t tell us the story.

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Who we are

October 11, 2010 34 comments

This is the central idea of our next unit:

“The changes and challenges we face as we grow help us to understand who we are.”

We will be looking at this central idea using the concepts of function, change and responsibility.

These are the lines of inquiry:

  • Physical and emotional changes during puberty
  • Coping with challenges
  • Changes in responsibility

Discuss all of this with some people at home, such as parents and older brothers and sisters, and then make a comment to answer these questions:

  1. What do you think this unit will be about?
  2. What do you think it should be about?
  3. What do you think it should not be about?
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Powerful Images and Powerful Words

October 8, 2010 3 comments

We have been finding powerful and high-quality images to visually communicate emotions and feelings. We use Creative Commons to find images that are good quality and that we have permission to use. We download them into our image library folder and then put them into PowerPoint so that we can work with them. Once we’re finished, we save them as a JPEG and upload them to our Flickr account.

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A Wordle Made from Comments

September 24, 2010 9 comments

This wordle is made out of the c0mments on this posting:

The words that you all used the most are the biggest!

Kanchanaburi Information

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Dear Parents,

Please find below the information about Year 6 Kanchanaburi Camp.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 Team

PowerPoint From Thursday Night’s Camp Briefing:

Itinerary :

Camp Packing List :

Boundaries and Friendship

September 23, 2010 7 comments

Ms. Ashley and the students discussed what is meant by “our boundaries” and what happens when people “cross the line” or “go over the limit”.

They worked on the case-studies where they had to read different situations and then decide if someone in the situation has crossed a boundary.

Here’s some examples:

Josh’s coach hugs him for a really long time: The students thought this was not appropriate. The hug is fine, but “for a long time” is crossing a boundary.

Jose’s teacher cries on his shoulder and tells him about her problems: The students thought that the teacher was a bit immature and that it would be really “weird”.

Kendra and Alisa are best friends. Kendra tells Alisa about her parents’ divorce: The students had different opinions about this one, some felt that a boundary had been crossed and some didn’t. Ms. Ashley said that sometimes it depends on people’s personalities.

Tiffany tells Kim a secret that Maria told her: Samantha described that as a “violation”!

The conversation then moved on to touching. The students shared examples of “good touching” such as: a hug, a high-five, holding hands, leaning on someone nicely, kissing someone in your family, a gentle pat on the back, a touch on the arm. The students then shared examples of “bad touching” such as: a punch, a push, a kick, scratching, touching someone’s private parts.

Bossiness vs. Leadership

September 18, 2010 16 comments

What is the difference between being bossy and being a leader?

Make a comment to explain your ideas.

6GD have been blogging about this question too, have a look:


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